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~Don’t count on the days, make the days count ~

Awaken the warrior within with our YANTRA yoga mat – a symphony of strength meticulously crafted for those who don't just count the days but make each day a triumph.

Unleash unbridled power on the mat with the YANTRA, a tapestry of badass yoga cues designed for warriors forging their path to alignment mastery. At its core, the 'Sri Yantra' blazes forth—an ancient sacred symbol of worship, devotion, and meditation, radiating its potent energy across the mat. Tribal arrows and all-seeing eyes adorn the top and bottom, creating a visual battleground that transcends the mundane. 

The YANTRA is not a mere mat; it's a sacred battleground where every pose is a victory, and every movement is a conquest. The design isn't just about cues; it's a visual manifesto, a call to arms for your inner alignment. 

While the design hints at placement, the true odyssey begins as you feel into your body, discovering the alignment that harmonises with your unique form. The YANTRA isn't just a yoga accessory; it's a weapon of choice for your warrior spirit, pointing you unerringly toward self-discovery. 

Forged with Down Under magic, our Warrior Mats are a testament to love and dedication, uniquely designed with love and care in Australia. Elevate your practice, seize your power, and let the YANTRA be the catalyst for your warrior metamorphosis. 

Seize every moment. Embrace the YANTRA. Make each practice an epic saga, and let the warrior within conquer all!
Care Instructions:

• Cold machine wash/cold hand wash/cold hose down as required
• Line dry outside/hang to dry
• Do not place in the dryer Zen Warrior yoga mats are uniquely designed with love and care in Australia & each come beautifully packaged with a complimentary carry strap.

Product Specifications:

• Non toxic & eco-friendly
• Made from recycled plastics and natural tree rubber
• Moisture absorbent, non-slip, high-grip surface
• Anti-slip backing
• Suitable for hot yoga use no additional surface towel required
• Size: 1830mm x 610mm
• Thickness: 4.5mm