Our Story

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Zen Warriors originated in 2016, deep in the heart of the jungle in Ubud, Indonesia. Its founders during this time discovered themselves not fitting into the paradigm of modern, ego-driven spirituality and set out to create an authentic and expressive retail label, making it accessible to Zen Warriors in the global market.

Like chameleons, our founders fused themselves into the spiritual world of mystic sages and authentic warriors not easily seen by the 3D eye. Through this somewhat isolated spiritual journey, an awakening took place.

Embracing a Toltec way of living created a state of authentic being and introduced to them a higher power of self, where letting go and embracing rapid change introduced a new and spiritually fulfilling way of being. The life they once knew was gone, and a new way of thinking, living and being had begun. The transformation of self without even knowing it was done.

Zen Warriors was established as a kick-ass spiritual brand to represent transition, transformation, courage, strength, authenticity, curiosity, power and freedom. We produce some of the best bad-ass spiritual apparel and accessories ever created.

Offering distinctive spiritual apparel items, yoga essentials and gorgeous accessories, we provide a rare selection of uniquely designed treasures and carefully crafted jewels along with eco-friendly suede and microfiber yoga mats, ayurvedic fusions of copper mineral and stones, handmade sensual oils and candles. Our selection is designed with you in mind and we invite you to indulge in treating your body to items that your soul will love you for.

We are not here to tell you who or what to be, we're here to empower you to be who you are and to look and feel amazing whilst doing it. To always be your true self and to stand strong in your power, knowing that the past is behind you, the future is unknown and all that you can ever truly count on is enjoying the magic in the present moment.

Our mission is to support a growing community of conscious beings - those who don't necessarily align with the traditional spiritual approach. Kick-ass Yogi's and Warriors who understand the spiritual significance of being authentic and remaining in alignment - physically, mentally spiritually and energetically.


"We are not your typical normal. We don't strive to fit in. We are not the same. We feel without the need to speak and we paint outside the lines. We beat to the sound of our own drums and we chant "Om" to centre to our deeper selves and connect with like-minded others."

We encourage you all to be




to embrace both the light and the dark sides of your soul and to always show up bringing your truly unique and amazing selves to the world.