Tibetan Hand-Crafted Singing Bowl Set

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A healthy body, calm mind and thriving spirit is the ultimate goal to physical, mental and spiritual wellness - what we expose our senses to, ultimately aids us in this pursuit.

Zen Warriors Tibetan Singing Bowls are musical instruments sourced directly from Nepal, which are used to assist in healing, restoring and rejuvenating one’s overall vitality and zest for life.

Often used during spiritual practice and meditation, the melodic sound and soothing tone frequencies that are released from the bowls assist to enhance, calm and stabilise the brain waves and when placed directly onto the body can send vibrational healing directly to the source of imbalance and unrest.

Tibetan sound bowl healing speaks to the energy structures that make up every cell, tissue and organ of the body, helping to remove emotional blockages, anxiety, stress and so much more.

Available to purchase individually or in a set of seven - each purchase comes with one mallet and cushion for use.