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Free Spirit Orgonite Pendant - Loaded with Amethyst & Pyrite

Orgonites have the powerful ability to dispel toxic energy whilst providing a protective shield from negative electromagnetic frequencies...bringing harmony, positivity, peace and serenity to various aspects of your life. They are in essence, a positive energy generator.

Beneficial for purifying the atmosphere & assisting with detoxification, orgonites have the ability to enhance mood, improve concentration and regulate sleep patterns. Offering psychic protection and spiritual healing to the wearer.

Each Orgonite is lovingly handmade and slight variations to colour are likely; therefore no two pendants are ever exactly the same - making your orgonite special and unique to you!
Pendant & Crystal Meaning

The Divine Warrior Organite Pendant features the Sri Yantra design - a geometric symbol consisting of interlocking triangles. Divine Warrior symbolises the clearing of the mind; motivating us to focus on our goals and fulfilling our desires.

The combination of Amethyst and Pyrite is known to enhance psychic abilities and stimulate new ideas, along with offering spiritual protection and inviting in abundance, wealth, prosperity and success.


Made with natural resin and a combination of various organic and nonorganic materials including: copper, magnetite, iron oxide, brass, elite shungite, copper coiled quartz crystal, selenite, black tourmaline, amethyst and pyrite.


• Pendant Size: 4cm diameter x 1cm thick
• Cord Length: 30-35cm approximately

Note: Cord length is fully adjustable to allow for personal size variations