Mystic Muse

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MYSTIC MUSE Rebellion - Unleashing Cosmic Power with Moonstone Elegance

This isn't your run-of-the-mill pendant – it's a cosmic rebel flipping off the ordinary. Crafted with the audacity of a Zen Warrior, our Mystic Muse orgonite pendant is a true blue Aussie creation straight from the heart of Australia. Boldly featuring the Flower of Life design, this sacred geometrical symbol speaks to the circle of life and the cycle of creation – proof that all life stems from one source. With its reflective, sparkly pattern, the Mystic Muse isn't just a pendant; it's destined to be admired, cherished, and revered.

Loaded with a copper-coiled quartz crystal, elite shungite, selenite, black tourmaline, rochelle salts, brass, iron oxide, magnetite, and copper, it's a potent cocktail of rebellion against the mundane.

Designed for the rebels who dance with chaos, the Mystic Muse proudly stands guard against the onslaught of 5G, toxic EMFs, and human-generated chaos. It doesn't just protect; it unleashes a cosmic symphony that screams, "This is my space!" Brace yourself for a harmonising field that knocks balance, peace, clarity, and healing energy into your realm.

Your personal cosmic bodyguard, the Mystic Muse resonates with an energy that's as unique as your badass self. Crafted to keep you grounded, flip negativity the mystical bird, and create an aura that even the universe respects. It's not just an accessory; it's the mystical guardian against the EMF forces that dare challenge your vibe.

Moonstone, the soft and soothing crystal with a powerful connection to feminine energy, further enhances the Mystic Muse. Known for strengthening intuition, enhancing clarity, and stabilising emotions, Moonstone is not just a crystal; it's a mystical companion that assists with fertility and improves overall inner and emotional balance.

For the rebels, rule-breakers, and Zen Warriors who crave the extraordinary, the Mystic Muse isn't just a pendant; it's a cosmic rebellion. Each piece, coolly Australian-made and not mass-produced, is handcrafted and physically tested because authenticity bows to no one. Made with pure rebellion and the intention to protect Mother Earth and her tribe.

Elevate your energy, defy the ordinary, and let your Mystic Muse rebellion begin. Unleash your Mystic Muse now! 

Pendant & Crystal Meaning

The Mystic Muse Orgonite Pendant features the flower of life design, representing the circle of life and cycle of creation. It is believed that within this sacred geometrical symbol lies proof that all life stems from the one source. With its reflective, sparkly pattern Mystic Muse is a stunning pendant certain to be admired and treasured.

Moonstone is a soft and soothing crystal, known for it's powerful connection to feminine energy. Associated with strengthening intuition, enhancing clarity, embracing softness and stablising emotions - it is said that moonstone can assist with assist with fertility, and improving ones overall inner and emotional balance.


Made with natural resin and a combination of various organic and nonorganic materials including: copper, magnetite, iron oxide, brass, elite shungite, copper coiled quartz crystal, selenite, black tourmaline, and moonstone.


• Pendant Size: 3cm diameter x 1cm thick
• Cord Length: 30-35cm approximately

Note: Cord length is fully adjustable to allow for personal size variations