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‘Learn the rules so you can break them properly’

"Learn the rules so you can break them properly" – and break them you shall with our fierce Medusa booty shorts. For the Spiritual Queens who demand to be seen, who says you have to be all "love and light" to be doing it right? Let your sexy, spiritual, bad-ass personality shine as you unapologetically embrace your darker side with these eye-catching shorts. 

Unleash your inner Goddess, a force to be reckoned with, as you embody the true essence of beauty, strength, and grace with the fierce Medusa booty shorts. Crafted with unbridled passion in Sunny Queensland, Australia, these shorts are not just a garment; they're a declaration of your rebellious spirit. Whether you're defying gravity in yoga, conquering the outdoors, sculpting your physique in intense fitness sessions, or adding an edge to your pole dancing routine, the Medusa booty shorts are your fearless and versatile companion. 

100% Australian-made, the Zen Warrior Yoga Collection combines style with comfort, using polyester/elastane fabric that's as weightless and buttery soft as the flow of your practice. Let confidence be your guide as you ebb and flow in every direction, catering to the diverse tastes of yogis, outdoor enthusiasts, fitness fanatics, and pole dancers alike. 

Break free from the ordinary – seize the allure of the Medusa booty shorts now and redefine the rules of beauty and strength across all realms. Because rules are made to be shattered, and with these shorts, you're the sculptor of your rebellious masterpiece!
Key Features

• Booty Short Length
• Flattering 'Scrunch Bum' Feature
• High elasticated waistband lies flat and won’t dig in (for added comfort and support)
• Waistband can also fold over if you prefer the band sits on your hips, with a quote that will face the world and bring happiness to yourself and those around you.
• Perfect for however you want to move your body
• Durable, vibrant print
• Machine washable – gentle, cold cycle
• Avoid rough surfaces