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Hematite Crystal

Lovingly handmade right here on the Gold Coast, Australia. Each and every gorgeous bead has been individually selected by our expert craftsmen and the end result is absolutely exquisite!

Each Mala is complemented by the ZW Black Onyx ‘Guru Stone’ which symbolises gratitude and our spiritual connection to the Divine. It is a way to humbly say "thank-you" to the teachers before us who have guided us along on our spiritual path. 

What are Malas?

'Mala' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'garland', which evokes a circular, continuous form. In spiritual practice, mala is the devoted offering of repeated cycles (through chanting or yoga asanas - eg 108 sun salutations). The number 108 is considered sacred and spiritually significant in many cultures and disciplines, as well as highly recognised in yogic teachings.

Featuring 108 x 8mm crystal gemstone beads, a large black onyx guru bead, and black cotton tassel. ZW Mala’s are traditionally used to count the number of times a mantra is recited (verbally or silently), as part of one’s spiritual practice - helping one to maintain focus and a steady breathing rhythm during meditation.

Whilst mala beads are traditionally used as a meditation tool, we believe that everything in life is open to interpretation, therefore how you choose to use your signature ZW mala is entirely up to you.

Mala beads are a beautiful way to manifest and set loving intentions. When held or worn, they increase positive energy, improve clarity and focus, and of course look amazing to accessorise with (if that’s your intention). They encourage us to remain present, to pause and to breathe, whilst motivating us to invest in sacred devotional moments of self-care and compassion.

You don’t choose the mala - the mala chooses you…whichever one you are drawn to, is always the right one for you.

Crystal Meaning

Hematite - the stone of healing which aids in boosting focus, concentration and confidence. Often used to balance the body and the home - it provides powerful healing abilities and brings harmony to the soul of the wearer.

Hematite is known to provide the wearer with a sense of grounding and repels any negative and unnecessary attention seeking behaviour. Hematite helps to boost self-esteem and enhance willpower.

Key Features

• Handmade on the Gold Coast, Australia
• Featuring the traditional 108 beads
• Beautifully packaged in a black velvet back with gemstone meaning card
• Approximately 21 inches long
• Individually hand-knotted between each bead to prevent from breakage and to prolong use