Elemental Evolver

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ELEMENTAL EVOLVER - Power of Rebellion with Elite Shungite Orgonite Essence

Crafted in the heart of Australia, each Elemental Evolver orgonite pendant is a masterpiece, a fearless fusion of elite shungite, a copper-coiled quartz crystal, selenite, black tourmaline, rochelle salts, brass, iron oxide, magnetite, and copper. This isn't just an accessory; it's a declaration of your untamed spirit.

Handmade with love and precision, this orgonite pendant is not mass-produced – it's a unique creation, echoing the spirit of the Aussie rebels. Embrace the Flower of Life design, an emblem of your cosmic defiance and connection.

But it's not just about rebellion; it's about protection. The Elemental Evolver stands as your shield against the chaos of 5G, toxic EMFs, and the onslaught of negative frequencies. It's your cosmic sanctuary, radiating harmony, positivity, and unwavering serenity into your space.

Each pendant undergoes meticulous testing, ensuring its authenticity and badass effectiveness. This is more than just an orgonite pendant; it's a cosmic rebel's arsenal, made to keep you grounded, dispel negativity, and harmonise your surroundings. It's a potent blend, producing a harmonising field that brings balance, peace, and clarity into your existence.

Elevate your energy, embrace the rebellion, and adorn yourself with the Elemental Evolver orgonite pendant. It's more than a statement piece; it's a cosmic rebellion crafted in the spirit of Australia.

Snatch your 100% Australian made Elemental Evolver orgonite pendant now – because rebels thrive in the cosmic storm, and authenticity is the ultimate protection!

Unleash your cosmic rebellion with pride!

Crafted for Zen Warriors, by Zen Warriors - Australian Made & Not Mass Produced.

Pendant & Crystal Meaning

The Elemental Evolver Orgonite Pendant features a Flower of Life design; representing the circle of life and cycle of creation. It is believed that within this sacred geometrical symbol lies proof that all life stems from the one source. With its reflective, sparkly pattern, Elemental Essence is a stunning pendant certain to be admired and treasured.

Elite Shungite has long been considered a stone that assists with healing and detoxification of the mind, body and spirit. Helps to relieve pain, reduce insomnia, enhance mood and improve energy levels.


Made with natural resin and a combination of various organic and nonorganic materials including: copper, magnetite, iron oxide, brass, elite shungite, copper coiled quartz crystal, selenite and black tourmaline.


• Pendant Size: 4cm diameter x 1cm thick
• Cord Length: 30-35cm approximately

Note: Cord length is fully adjustable to allow for personal size variations