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HARMONISER: Rose Quartz Revolution - Embrace Protection, Defy Chaos!

Dive into the energy revolution with the Harmoniser orgonite pendant – a celestial maverick creation for the free spirits of the Zen Warrior tribe. This isn't just a pendant; it's an Australian-made, hand-crafted masterpiece that defies the ordinary and screams authenticity in the face of chaos.

At the core of this orgonite badassery lies a unique mix of a copper-coiled quartz crystal, elite shungite, selenite, black tourmaline, rochelle salts, brass, iron oxide, magnetite, and the unyielding power of Rose Quartz. Each element carefully chosen to concoct a harmonising field, dishing out balance, peace, and a smackdown of healing energy.

The extended flower of life design gracing the Harmoniser isn't just a pattern; it's a geometric symbol representing Truth, Self-Love, Acceptance, Beauty, Knowledge, Wisdom, Wellness, Wholeness, Inner Strength, Divinity, Clarity, Empowerment, and Freedom. Thirteen circles of rebellion that say, "This is my space!"

Rose Quartz, the crystal maverick of unconditional love, infiltrates the Harmoniser with the ability to attract love, restore trust, and provoke harmony in relationships. It's not just a crystal; it's a relentless force for love in a world that needs it.

Authentic Australian Hand-Made orgonite pendants – not mass-produced but handcrafted by badass artisans for the warriors in our tribe. This isn't just a shield; it's a symbol of Mother Earth's rebellion, made to ground you, flip off negativity, and cleanse your aura of the ordinary.

Embrace the Revolution - Ignite the Rose Quartz Maverick and protect yourself from the onslaught of 5G, toxic EMFs, and human-generated chaos!

Elevate your energy, defy the ordinary, and join the maverick tribe of Zen Warriors. Unleash your HARMONISER now!

Pendant & Crystal Meaning

The Harmoniser Orgonite Pendant features the extended flower of life design, a geometric symbol which comprises of 13 circles representing: Truth, Self-Love, Acceptance, Beauty, Knowledge, Wisdom, Wellness, Wholeness, Inner Strength, Divinity, Clarity, Empowerment and Freedom.

Rose Quartz - the unconditional love crystal! Known to attract love and compassion, Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony in relationships and encourages love for self and others.


Made with natural resin and a combination of various organic and nonorganic materials including: copper, magnetite, iron oxide, brass, elite shungite, copper coiled quartz crystal, selenite, black tourmaline, and rose quartz.


• Pendant Size: 4cm diameter x 1cm thick
• Cord Length: 30-35cm approximately

Note: Cord length is fully adjustable to allow for personal size variations