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TRUTH SEEKER Quest - Elite Shungite Orgonite Pendant Power

Ignite your quest for truth with the Truth Seeker orgonite Pendant – a revelation loaded with the power of elite shungite, handcrafted for the bold, the seekers, and those who crave the raw truth.

Forged from the depths of authenticity, this Australian-made orgonite pendant isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of your relentless pursuit of truth. Crafted with precision and a wicked Aussie touch, it boasts a copper-coiled quartz crystal, surrounded by layers of elite shungite, selenite, black tourmaline, brass, iron oxide, magnetite, and copper. This isn't mass-produced; it's a testament to your individuality and quest for the undiscovered.

Each piece is not just a pendant; it's a unique manifestation of the truth you seek. Meticulously tested and handmade with love, this orgonite pendant stands guard against the chaos of 5G, toxic EMFs, and the negative frequencies that cloud your path. It's your ally, radiating authenticity and truth into your aura.

The Dragonfly design etched into this orgonite pendant symbolises change, transformation, and self-realisation – a powerful totem promoting joy and a pure lightness of being. But it's not just about symbolism; it's about protection and the raw essence of truth.

Elite shungite, a stone revered for its healing and detoxifying properties, amplifies the energy of this pendant. It relieves pain, reduces insomnia, enhances mood, and improves energy levels – the perfect companion in your quest for truth.

This orgonite pendant is more than an accessory; it's your truth-seeker's talisman. The harmonising field it creates brings balance, peace, and a profound connection to the undiscovered truths of the universe.

Elevate your energy, embrace the quest, and adorn yourself with the Truth Seeker orgonite pendant. It's not just a statement piece; it's a declaration of your relentless pursuit of truth.

Claim your Truth Seeker orgonite pendant now – because truth seekers thrive in the unknown, and authenticity is the ultimate protection! Illuminate your path with the raw truth!

Pendant & Crystal Meaning

The Truth Seeker Orgonite Pendant features a Dragonfly design which symbolises change, transformation, and self-realisation; helping to promote joy and a pure lightness of being.

Elite Shungite has long been considered a stone that assists with healing and detoxification of the mind, body and spirit. Helps to relieve pain, reduce insomnia, enhance mood and improve energy levels.


Made with natural resin and a combination of organic and inorganic materials including: copper, magnetite, iron oxide, brass, elite shungite, copper coiled quartz crystal, selenite and black tourmaline.


• Pendant Size: 3cm diameter x 1cm thick
• Cord Length: 30-35cm approximately

Note: Cord length is fully adjustable to allow for personal size variations