Black Mamba

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'There can be no light without dark'

'There can be no light without dark' Unleash your power with the stealthy allure of our Black Mamba shorties. Sometimes, a hiss works better than a kiss. Glide through your practice, leaving a trail of strength and confidence with every move. 

100% Australian born, bred, and crafted, right here in the radiant Sunshine State, Queensland. Each stitch, cut, and print is infused with boundless passion and love, creating a masterpiece for our fellow warriors. 

Our Zen Warrior Yoga Collection is forged from a blend of comfortable polyester/elastane fabric—weightless, yet buttery soft. 

Embrace the power within every pose and feel the unstoppable flow of your practice. 

Own the mat, make your lethal mark, and conquer your practice with the Black Mamba shorties. Shop now and let your strength echo through every move!
Key Features

• High elasticated waistband lies flat and won’t dig in for your comfort and support
• Waistband can also fold over if you prefer the band sits on your hips, with a quote that will face the world and bring happiness to yourself and those around you.
• Passes the squat test
• Perfect for however you want to move your body
• Durable, vibrant prints
• Machine washable – gentle, cold cycle
• Avoid rough surfaces